'PopPopping Korean', made by Hansol Education Co., Ltd., a prominent Hangeul education company in Korea, is an application for foreigners to learn Korean in an easy and fast way with fun. It will be a good guide for those who want to learn Korean with fun all over the world.

'PopPopping Korean – Pronunciation' is the easiest and fastest way to learn how to read Hangeul. You can read signs written in Korean on the streets in a few hours of playing with this app, even without
any background knowledge about Korean language.

'PopPopping Korean – Pronunciation' is made on the basis of the principles of creation of Hangeul, which is acknowledged by the whole world to be beautiful and scientific. Hence, you can see the movements of articulators to make the sounds of consonants and vowels of Hangeul or hear the sounds while combining letters. In addition, you can also learn how King Sejong filled those letters with the idea of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements.

After finishing learning, the user can make words by putting onset consonants, vowels, and coda consonants in proper places and combining them through the Rhythm Hangeul game. When the user drags each letter, the letter moves with the sound of pronunciation of it, and when the user releases it, a rhythm gets made. Whenever the user releases a letter, a rhythm gets added one by one to make the beautiful melody of 'Arirang'. When a word is completed, a comic character animation shows to let the user know the meaning of the word and give more fun.

PopPopping Korean is a registered trademark of hansol education Co., Ltd. | 2013 Copyright(c) hansol education Co., Ltd.